Natalia Kisielewicz Rex is an internationally published Polish mixed-media and digital collage artist who has over a decade been working with digital art and self portrait photography.

“Many people ask me why I decided to focus on self-portraiture”, she explains. “It was not planned at all. I decided to offer free portraits around the city to learn the craft of photography as quickly as possible and it was a creative challenge to work with a new person every day. After a few no-shows I decided to take things into my own hands and photograph myself. By accident, I realized how liberating this new direction was creatively and emotionally, and I haven’t looked back. This is the type of art I was meant to create.”

Natalia’s inspiration stems from her love of Polish folk art, iconography and surrealism. Her main method of planning and creating includes sketching, photo montages, decoupage and painting on wood. Her future plans include using different wood objects in different sizes and exhibitions in new countries.

Current Exhibition

From 2022, Natalia’s series “Drought” has become part of permament exhibition “Slavic motifs in art” at the Museum of the Origins of the Polish state.


Past Exhibitions

From May 2021 until October 2021 Natalia Rex’s was part of a temporary group exhibition at the Museum of the Origins of the Polish state. The exhibition has a total of around 200 pieces of art from several generations of Polish artists.

About the exhibition: “ArtiSlavia” – what is hidden behind this strange word? We would like to refer to your associations and imagination. The occasion is this exhibition where we present paintings, drawings and graphics, including those found in books. These works have been created over the past 200 years. These are the fruits of the labour of several generations of Polish artists who took up or still take up the Slavic theme in their work.

Nature, rituals, customs, beliefs, folklore, fabled past, mythology, the afterlife, but also characters, and legendary and historical scenes from the beginnings of Poland, illustrations of the ancient history of the Slavs or literary works about our ancestors or maybe the life of a Polish village of old, landscapes with a breath-taking view of the sky…

Click here for more information and how to visit the museum.



Handmade – New Series

Handmade is a story about creation, its essence, celebration of simplicity, beauty of art and folk crafts. From the first to the last act of this series, we see how a work of art is created, symbolizing the unbreakable link with nature, tradition and folklore. After all, what we create is a part of each of us, a reflection of our inner self and the environment around us.

We surrender to the natural power of creation, which is the bond between us and nature. At each stage of the cycle, one of three important elements of creation can be found: The hands that can hold, combine or break, the all-seeing eye of the creator, and the threads that connect the physical to the invisible and unspoken. Click here to read more.