Natalia Kisielewicz Rex is an internationally published Polish mixed-media artist who has over a decade been working with digital art and self portrait photography.

“Many people ask me why I decided to focus on self-portraiture”, she explains. “It was not planned at all. I decided to offer free portraits around the city to learn the craft of photography as quickly as possible and it was a creative challenge to work with a new person every day. After a few no-shows I decided to take things into my own hands and photograph myself. By accident, I realized how liberating this new direction was creatively and emotionally, and I haven’t looked back. This is the type of art I was meant to create.”

Natalia’s inspiration is rooted in her love of Polish folk art, iconography and surrealism. Her main method of planning and creating includes sketching, photo montages, decoupage and painting on wood.

Her future plans include using different wood objects in different sizes and exhibitions in new countries.


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